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Factory Capability Rigid PCB Flex PCB
Layers Single ~ 50L Single ~ 6L
Base Material FR-4/Hi-Tg/Halogen Free/Metal Core/Ceramic/Tefelon/Polymide Polymide, Polyester
Max. WP Size 546.10mm x 622.40mm(21.5" x 24.5") 0.075mm~0.40mm (0.003"~0.016")
Finished Board Thickness 0.3mm~5.0mm (0.012"~0.197") +- 0.05mm / +- 0.10mm
Board Flatness Tolerance 0.50% N/A
Inner Layer Copper Thickness 4/4 oz 0.5/0.5 oz
Outer Layer Copper Thickness 5/5 oz 1/1 oz
Min. Finished Hole 0.15mm 0.20mm
Max. Copper Wall Plating 2 oz N/A
Min. Trace/Space (outer Layer) 3.0/3.0 mil 4.0/4.0 mil
Min. Trace/Space (Inner Layer) 2.5/2.5 mil 3.0/3.0 mil
Surface Finish HASL/HASL(Lead Free); ENIG;Immersion Silver/Tin; OSP; Gold Plating; Gold Finger;
Peelable Mask; Carbon Ink
HASL/HASL(Lead Free); ENIG;Gold Plating;
Immersion Tin; OSP
Impedance Control +/- 10% N/A